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A special interest in the context of the allocation of the two-digit lu domains was the letter combinations that are also used as TLDs in other states.

Combinations such as de, it, fr, nl or be were very sought after and some achieved prices in the four-digit range. The domain was among the top sellers with a bid of over €2,000. The front-runner in terms of the number of bids was with 37 bids before it won the bid.

With the domain, domain holders who own a domain with the Top Level Domain (TLD) ending .nl can expand their internet presence. Companies that are active in both states have the possibility with this domain to connect their current .nl address with the .lu.

The owner of the domain can accordingly add a dot to any term and place it in front of the domain Example:

The term "NL" is also frequently used as an abbreviation for the term newsletter.

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